Kansai Global Society Mission Statement

Kansai Global Society Mission Statement

The Kansai Global Society (KGS) was formed as a non-profit organization in 2018 in commemoration of the 150th anniversary since Japan opened to the world. The KGS is committed to encouraging international exchange of cultural ideas, values and business interests by observing the following objectives:


- Introduce and promote an understanding of cultural diversity existing in Kansai and around the world; 
- Create opportunities in Kansai to meet with globally minded people and exchange information;
- Build partnerships and collaborate with different international organizations in Kansai and promote the SDGs set by the UN;
- Work together with the Consulates General of various countries in Kansai to introduce each country’s culture, values and business opportunities;  
- Enhance international communications beyond national boundaries to create a global society in harmony.


Julian Burt (Kobe Club Member; Japan-American Society, Osaka Member)
William Foran (Kobe Club Member; Japan-American Society, Osaka Member)
Kei Foran (Kobe Club Member;  Japan Association of University Women, Board Member; JAWK International Member,)

    The activities will take place mainly at the Kobe Club, but not limited to the Kobe Club depending

                               upon the space availability and content of the activities.


       Kansai Global Society Secretariat
       1-3-3-1405, Maya Kaigan-dori, Nada-ku, Kobe City, Japan, 657-0855 
Tel: 078-891-8160  Cell: 090-3280-0831
E-mail: kansai_global@icloud.com 









関西グローバル協会 使命

関西グローバル協会 目的と使命

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- 関西地区、そして、世界中に存在する多様な文化を紹介・促進すること。
- グローバルな意識を持つ人々が出会い、情報交換する機会を関西地区で創り出すこと。
- 関西地区の他の国際団体と協力・連携して、UN設定のSDGsを推進すること。
- 関西地区の各国総領事館と協力し、各国の文化・価値・ビジネスチャンスを紹介すること。
- 国境を越えた国際コミュニケーションを奨励し、調和のあるグローバル社会を創り出すこと。


     フォラン・ケイ (神戸外国倶楽部会員・日本大学女性協会役員・JAWK International 会員)





  〒657-0855 神戸市灘区摩耶海岸通り1-3-3-1405 
Tel: 078-891-8160 
      E-mail: kansai_global@icloud.com

The KGS aims to promote Globalism & SDGs across the Kansai region Japan and beyond with our KGS friends, who possess global  points of view & values. Let's move forward together to make our local communities a better place that will lead to a world 

of understanding and peace!

William & Kei Foran, Organizers, Kansai Global Society (KGS)